Little World CD/mp3

Little World investigates how to heal personal and global conflicts through bearing witness to issues of feminine power, racial and religious oppression, war and ancestry

Produced by Colin McCaffrey, Emma Back's debut release blends acoustic instrumentation with percussive loops, layers of vocal and string harmonies, and flourishes of Eastern-European tonalities. The record was written and recorded during a four-year period of immense transition in Back’s life that included a health crisis resulting in her return to Vermont where she was bed-ridden for 6 months after burning out from traveling in Israel and touring and teaching throughout the US. In her healing process, she found herself exploring aspects of inner-shadow and global issues of conflict, pondering the age-old question, ‘how do we connect beyond the differences that divide us and stand in compassion and solidarity?' 

This yearning to heal, both personally and collectively and the sense of bearing witness to inner and outer "shadow" as a pathway for transformation, is at the heart of Little World.

Available in CD or mp3 format.